Pablo Messier

Miami FL // Cartagena de Indias



The journey for Pablo started in 2006 when his passion for technology became his primary goal being in school, and specially growing in the 90’s where Electronic Music was a revolutionary. Programming and design were his main hobby. He used to play a lot of video games, loving the fact that most games at the time allow you create your own content, so creating was something that really drove him forward into technology.

Having a technological background really made Pablo appreciate Electronic Music, because at that time he had been listening to a lot of trance music since the age of 12. His brother’s friends use to hang out at his home’s main living room of his house, sharing a lot of Trance music CD’s so this ignited that appreciation for artificial sounds, this was intriguing, and he started to question himself how was that music created.

His music carrier started when he started playing drums on a band, at the time he wanted to experiment with sounds textures for his hobby with videogames, and doing a lot of research made him came across accidently with a program dedicated for music production, which made him realize how Electronic Music was made (produce).

Exploring the world of production made Pablo met a lot of Electronic Music Producers on the internet, witch guided him on the creation of Electronic Music, and instead of focusing on his hobby, he realized that he was able to experiment with musical patterns (in some way creating music), this situation made him decide to become an Electronic Music Producer.


Email pablomessier@hotmail.com

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