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My name is Pablo Messier I’m here to help your music achieve its desired results, have you felt in some way that your project needs something? Or sonically is missing weight? Work with me and I will help you achieve the experience you’re looking for. The short o it is that your work (final mix) It’s probably in great shape and all that it needs its some quality control so that your music becomes more audible so that people can listen to it and enjoy it without any discomfort, this is the process where Mixing Meets Mastering!

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There is a section in my website where I go in deep explaining the craft but to pot it simple mastering is simply quality control, back in the day this profession was executed by “transfer operators” where the music from a tape reel was passed through a transfer console (here is where the name transfer operator came to be) and sonic aspects of the music where adjusted so that the final product could be sold and distributed through radio, this principle still holds up to this day despite the evolution in technology, we are making sure that what you did can be reproduce in all scenarios possible, this includes: loudspeakers, headphones, hi-end HIFI systems, streaming ect, if you’re interested feel free to take a listen through the demo section where you can hear various examples including the final mix and before and after mastering in a way that’s level match so you can notice accurately what the process of mastering is doing to the music, hope to work with you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact application.